🌞🏕️Welcome to YRES Summer Camp 2024: Where Every Day Brings New Adventures!🏕️🌞

Hey there, fellow campers! Are you ready to embark on the most epic summer journey yet? Join us at YRES Summer Camp 2024 for a whirlwind of excitement, laughter, and endless fun!

Check Out Our Jam-Packed Schedule:

Kickstarting the week on July 8, it’s the grand opening of our camp! Get ready to meet new friends, dive into exciting activities, and kick off the summer in style!

July 9 is all about reaching new heights in our Tallest Tower Challenge! Put your building skills to the test as you stack, balance, and construct the tallest tower imaginable. Who will be crowned the tower-building champion?

On July 10, get ready to meet a real-life hero as we welcome a firefighter to camp! Learn about fire safety, hear fascinating stories, and maybe even get a chance to explore a firetruck up close.

July 11 brings a touch of magic to camp with our Color-Changing Milk experiment! Watch in amazement as ordinary milk transforms into a rainbow of colors right before your eyes.

Feeling brave? Join us for a round of Jeopardy on July 12! Test your knowledge, quick thinking, and maybe even discover some hidden talents along the way.

July 15 is all about unleashing your inner artist as we invite you to Color Your Own Mojo! Let your creativity shine as you add your personal flair to everyone’s favorite camp mascot.

On July 16, it’s time to put your engineering skills to the test in our Strongest Bridge challenge! Will your bridge withstand the ultimate stress test?

Meet the real-life superheroes of our community on July 17 as we welcome members of the police force to camp! Learn about their important role in keeping our community safe.

July 18 brings a touch of magic with our Magic Blow-Up Balloon activity! Prepare to be amazed as ordinary balloons transform into extraordinary shapes and sizes.

Feeling strong? Join us on July 19 for our Strength Challenge! Test your physical prowess and see if you have what it takes to conquer our camp challenges.

July 22 is all about fashion and fun with Mojo Fashion Week! Strut your stuff, showcase your unique style, and maybe even walk the catwalk like a true fashionista!

Get ready for some mesmerizing fun on July 23 as we explore the world of cool dominos! Watch as intricate patterns and designs come to life with every topple.

July 24 is a day for scientific discovery as we welcome a scientist to camp! Learn about fascinating experiments, explore the wonders of the natural world, and maybe even conduct some experiments of your own.

On July 25, brace yourselves for some explosive fun with our Exploding Popsicle Sticks activity! Create mini rockets and watch them soar into the sky.

July 26 is all about adventure and exploration with our Scavenger Hunt! Put your detective skills to the test as you search for hidden treasures around camp.

Strike a pose and say cheese on July 29 as we unveil our Mojo Selfie Booth! Capture fun memories with friends and strike your best poses with our beloved camp mascot.

Unleash your creativity on July 30 with our Creativity Challenge! From arts and crafts to storytelling and beyond, let your imagination run wild and see what amazing creations you can come up with.

And finally, on July 31, we’re wrapping up the month with a special guest speaker – a chef! Learn about the art of cooking, discover new recipes, and maybe even whip up some delicious treats of your own.

Join Us for a Summer of Fun and Adventure!

YRES Summer Camp 2024 is your ticket to an unforgettable summer experience. From thrilling challenges to exciting guest speakers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Secure your spot today and get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime! :tada::camping::sparkles:

We appreciate the continued collaboration between YRES and the School Boards, in particular YRDSB, YCDSB, TDSB, and TCDSB!

Sign up today and try a free half-day camp: yorkeducation.org/summercamp/

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