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During these past 2 months, what were your major duties and how did they relate to your academic studies?

These past two months, my major duties have largely revolved around writing grants and the creation of Toastmasters for Seniors. As such, my education in social issues, interpersonal communication, and well-being have all come in handy. Considering that many grants center around funding for underrepresented groups and social causes, having a deeper understanding for these issues allows me to create more comprehensive proposals. Furthermore, Toastmasters for Seniors covers a large breadth of topics, including public speaking, mental health, and digital literacy, many of which I have learned about in school. 

In May you were asked to envision how YRES would contribute to your growth. How has your time here contributed to your personal and professional development? Were there any unexpected challenges or benefits?

I believe that the unique opportunities provided to young workers at YRES creates a solid foundation for professional growth. Being able to take initiative and spearhead large projects has allowed me to build a strong and diverse skill set. Publicly leading programs such as Toastmasters for Seniors has given me the opportunity to practice networking with varied individuals from different walks of life. I am confident that the skills I have developed at YRES will continue to be useful tools in the progression of this job and future ones.

Describe 2-3 projects from your co-op that you're particularly proud of, and how they have helped you grow academically and/or professionally?

My proudest project from this co-op placement is definitely Toastmasters for Seniors. Being able to build a new program from the bottom-up has been a very unique and meaningful experience. Creating change at this scale is very difficult to achieve. Having the amazing support and resources at YRES has allowed me to create something that has pushed me outside of my comfort zone, practicing particular skills that had been underdeveloped. Furthermore, working on grants has helped me to grow professionally by creating a greater understanding of nonprofits and funding. 

Please nominate someone who deserves the employee of the month award and explain why briefly. You can nominate more than one person.

I believe that Christina, Catherine, Megan, and Ina all deserve a nomination! Christina has shown great initiative by spearheading the flyers initiative. Catherine always works very hard on all the projects that are assigned to her, and still manages to finish them on time. Megan always amazes me with all the different responsibilities that she has to shoulder, while still providing support to all her peers. Ina is also incredibly responsive, communicative, and willing to lend a hand!

Share photos of fond memories you made while at work.

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