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In-Person Volunteer Opportunities

All applicants must be 14 years-old or above at the time of application.

Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

All applicants must be 12 years-old or above at the time of application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications and requirements for volunteers?

You must be 12 years-old or older to join our virtual volunteer program; 14 or older for our in-person opportunities. You must reside in Canada for the duration of your volunteer period. You must have access to a computer and the internet. You must be passionate about education. You must be enthusiastic and ready to learn. You must be able to commit to a minimum of 10 hours per month in the virtual volunteer program. For in-person recurring events, you must not fail to show up without prior notice more than once; otherwise, your registration will be withdrawn.

Can volunteer hours from YRES be used towards fulfilling community involvement hour requirements for high school graduation?

Yes, YRES volunteering hours can be counted towards OSSD community hours.

How will I get my volunteer hours?

When your volunteer period has ended, send us the record form from your school or school guidance to have it signed off via Please fill in as many blanks as you can before sending it across.

Do I need to sign up for both the in-person and the virtual volunteering programs to join the team?

No, they are two different programs. If you are only interested in in-person opportunities, you just need to fill out the corresponding YRES In-Person Volunteer Opportunity form. If you are only interested in volunteering virtually, then you need to fill out the YRES Virtual Volunteer Program form. If you are interested in both, feel free to register for both. Please pay attention to the description listed at the top of the volunteer registration forms to know which one to fill out.

For in-person volunteering, am I confirmed for a shift after signing up and providing my availability?

No, there is a volunteer selection process that takes place after the response window closes. We take your availability into consideration and send a confirmation email to selected volunteers closer to the date of the event.

Can I volunteer if I am an international university student currently studying in Canada?

Yes, you are welcome to join our volunteering opportunities so long as you are currently residing in Canada for the duration of your volunteer commitment.
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