2024 Community Volunteer Appreciation

Awards Offered

Star Volunteer (Ages 8 to 14)

These young individuals inspire us with their early dedication to community and social causes, embodying the transformative power of youth in creating a brighter future.

Star Volunteer (Ages 15 to 29)

These young individuals display remarkable commitment to social causes, embodying the spirit of change and the belief that our future is brighter with compassion and dedication.

Community Outstanding Volunteer (30+)

These outstanding individuals exemplify the timeless spirit of service, demonstrating that age is no barrier to creating lasting and meaningful impacts on our communities.

YRES Volunteer Awards recognize recipients at the annual ceremony. Recipients also take part in a session to share best practices in volunteering.

All Participants will receive:

a Certificate and


a Special Gift from YRES

At our event, Snaptique is providing a fantastic branded backdrop, ready for all to capture memories. We’d love to see you having fun at the event! Please tag us at @york.education.

Who are Eligible?

Individuals, like you and me!

Must be from York Region and Greater Toronto Area.

Must be an active volunteer in 2024.

Must meet award age requirements at the time of submitting nomination.

Most importantly…

Have contributed to addressing social challenges in their

How we assess your application

1. We review each nomination to ensure eligibility

2.  Nomination Reviewer Committee will assess nominations and develop a list of top-ranked nominations

3. Board of Directors evaluates top-ranked nominations and finalize Award recipients

Let's all say

Thank You To Our Partners!

Our partners made it possible for the Community Volunteer and Summer Student Appreciation 2024 Event to happen.

Check out our 2023 Edition of the Event!

Our 2023 Event Photos

Award Ceremony
Award Ceremony

Under 15


  • Joanna W. (star volunteer with YRES)
  • Noelle A. (star volunteer with YRES)
  • Sanika L. (star volunteer with YRES)
  • Arianna A.

Recipients Received:

Free Camp Opportunity

STEAM Program

English & French Learning

Under 30


  • Amani P. (star volunteer with YRES)
  • Jenny L. (star volunteer with YRES)
  • Matthew C. (star volunteer with YRES)
  • Abhinav S.
  • Amari S.
  • Ana A.
  • Camellia R.
  • Celina D.
  • Christina G.
  • Emily N.
  • Joshua R.
  • Junaid B.
  • Kelty M.
  • Kenny L.
  • Mohammad E.
  • Natalie A.
  • Daniel Z.
  • Kushali
  • Prisha
  • Janae L.
  • Nupur K.
  • Shelter Movers (Group)
  • CHATS (Group)
  • Care & Share Thrift Shop (Group)

Recipients Received:

Paid Career Opportunity

Summer Camp Counselor

Assistant Volunteer Manager

Over 30


  • Peter B.
  • Sarah C.
  • Kevin T.
  • June N.
  • Humaid R.
  • Crystal
  • June H.
  • Kathy B.
  • John

Recipients Received:

Special Gift

A surprise waiting at the event 

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