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About Us

York Region Educational Services (YRES) is a non-profit organization established in York Region, Canada. YRES specializes in providing online and in-person educational services for learners of all ages, including K-12, adults, and seniors. YRES offers language based programming in English, French, STEAM and career development.

By partnering with organizations and school boards, YRES accumulates resources, hosts guest speakers, and supports learners in York region and beyond. For learners with unique and specialized needs we are able to provide additional support.


What does YRES believe in?

The mission of York Region Educational Services is to provide individuals in the vicinity of the York Region with educational resources in a safe and supporting environment that inspires, motivates and helps set the foundation for personal growth.

York Region Educational Services will be a leading provider of high-quality learning programs and educational resources in the vicinity of the York Region.

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