S.T.E.A.M Curriculum

At YRES, our STEAM program sparks curiosity and fosters critical thinking. It’s an engaging blend of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics that encourages creativity, problem-solving, and a lifelong love for learning. Join us for a fun, hands-on experience that inspires the thinkers and innovators of tomorrow.

Key Subjects


Immerse themselves in the world of science through hands-on experiments, sparking their curiosity and helping them better understand the natural phenomena around them.


Explore the exciting realms of technology, delving into virtual reality experiences and learning the basics of programming to bring their digital ideas to life.


Unleash their artistic talents in a world of creativity, with arts and crafts, origami, drawing, and painting projects that inspire their imaginative expression.


Embrace their inner engineers, tackling creative challenges like constructing bridges and innovative structures using KEVA blocks.


Embark on a mathematical journey tailored to their grade level, reinforcing and enhancing their math skills through engaging activities and puzzles.


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Educational Approach

In our YRES STEAM program, we employ an experiential and inquiry-based teaching methodology that prioritizes hands-on learning. 3Participants can expect the following hands-on learning experiences:

Hands-On Projects

Participants will actively engage in projects that require them to apply their knowledge and skills. These projects could involve building robots, conducting experiments, creating art, or designing innovative solutions.

Exploration through Inquiry

Our approach encourages children to ask questions and seek answers through inquiry-based learning. They’ll learn by exploring, experimenting, and discovering solutions to real-world problems.

Collaborative Learning

Teamwork is an essential component of our methodology. Children work together on group projects, fostering social skills, communication, and problem-solving abilities.

Critical Thinking

We nurture critical thinking skills by challenging children to analyze problems, think creatively, and find innovative solutions. They gain confidence in their ability to tackle challenges and overcome obstacles.

Real-World Relevance

Learning is most effective when it’s relevant to everyday life. Our STEAM program connects concepts to real-world applications, making the content relatable and meaningful for children.

Progressive Learning

We adapt our teaching to suit different age groups, ensuring that content is age-appropriate and progressively challenging as children grow.

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