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Help make our camps more affordable and higher-quality, so more kids can call camp the highlight of their year!

Support our camps today. After all, what kid doesn’t want a fun camp experience?

Childhood experiences crucially shape who one becomes, and camp is a great opportunity for kids to strengthen teamwork skills, exercise creativity, and of course, create life-long bonds and memories. Still, the cost of camp makes it inaccessible to many.

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With the help of your donations, we can...

Improve camp materials

Our mission to provide the community with educational resources is clearly reflected in our camp programs, as they include language-learning/STEAM sessions.

The fact of the matter is that camp materials such as KEVA bricks and art supplies are costly, and the quality of our camps relies heavily on do.

Lower camp prices

This year, about 300 children enrolled into our camps. With your help, we can lower camp prices so that more children can participate in camp.

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate all costs so any child can enjoy our camps!

Looking forward to YRES Summer Camp in 2024!

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*Please note that CanadaHelps takes a small portion of the donation to cover the cost of using their service.

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