Megan But

Each month we ask our co-op placement students to give a shoutout to who they are especially appreciative this month

This month they wanted to shout-out Megan But for her outstanding work at YRES. Read all about the appreciation our university co-ops have for her!

“She approaches each assignment with diligence and attention to detail, ensuring high-quality outcomes every time. Her ability to manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously without compromising on performance is truly commendable.”
“Megan always amazes me with all the different responsibilities that she has to shoulder, while still providing support to all her peers."
“Megan is always working hard and juggling numerous things at once. Despite that, she is always ready to help anyone out with their tasks."
“This month has been a rollercoaster for our whole team and our success would not have been possible without Megan’s perseverance and consistent updates."
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