During these past 2 months, what were your major duties and how did they relate to your academic studies?

During the past two months, my primary responsibility has been managing the registration process for our Summer Camp. This involved calculating fees, sending payment emails, communicating with parents, and creating weekly data reports to keep our team updated. These tasks closely relate to my academic studies in business, especially public relations, highlighting the importance of being detail-oriented, communicative, and productive to ensure parents feel supported and trust our camp programs. Additionally, I was responsible for writing applications for various upcoming projects. This task was akin to creating marketing proposals, requiring concise yet informative presentations of ideas. It was essential to identify the project’s purpose and convey how it would benefit our target audience.

In May you were asked to envision how YRES would contribute to your growth. How has your time here contributed to your personal and professional development? Were there any unexpected challenges or benefits?

The unexpected benefit of being part of YRES was the diverse range of tasks I undertook. As a marketing coordinator, I was not limited to graphic design but engaged in various tasks across operations, project management, and business development. Similarly to May, my time at YRES significantly enhanced my adaptability and critical thinking. Working in the customer service team involved managing numerous uncertainties, as callers often had diverse inquiries. This constant communication with parents and other stakeholders enabled me to build various connections and capture critical information, which I could then share to facilitate better decision-making for the organization. Additionally, I recognized that collaboration extends beyond merely working with others but involves integrating diverse perspectives to achieve better outcomes. Our supportive university cohort encouraged me to continuously seek feedback and incorporate it into my future performance, enhancing the overall collaborative process.

Describe 2-3 projects from your co-op that you're particularly proud of, and how they have helped you grow academically and/or professionally?

One project I am particularly proud of is the Back to School Giveaway, a collaboration with the Markham Public Library. When Kevin offered me the opportunity to lead this initiative, I eagerly accepted recognizing the chance to support children and educators in need. As the marketing lead, I leverage my expertise to delegate tasks to high school co-ops, ensuring the donation boxes were aesthetically pleasing yet completed on time. This experience allowed me to grow professionally, enhancing my leadership skills while fostering effective teamwork. As the project nears completion, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to my co-lead, Avneet, and our dedicated high school co-ops, Carlos and Nathaniel :]] Another project I am particularly proud of is the registration progress for our Summer Camp. Seeing how our registration numbers have grown for the past two months and recognizing the dedicated efforts of our team in promoting this flagship program fills me with immense gratitude to be part of the customer service team. This responsibility has consistently pushed me out of my comfort zone and significantly strengthened my confidence in engaging with diverse groups of people.

Please nominate someone who deserves the employee of the month award and explain why briefly. You can nominate more than one person.

I would like to nominate Christina for the employee of the month award, as she has one of the most important tasks of June – flyer distribution. Despite having other responsibilities, Christina always provided updates and checked in with me since I was a part of customer service. Although it was a project full of challenges, it was a lot better due to working with her! Moreover, I would like to nominate Vicky for the employee of the month award for her dedication to the YRES virtual programs. For the past two months, I witnessed Vicky’s amazing work ethic and ability to troubleshoot through our weekly program meetings. She is also always there for instructors and super supportive of everyone in the cohort, therefore I hope we can all appreciate and recognize her efforts!

Share photos of fond memories you made while at work.

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