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During these past 2 months, what were your major duties and how did they relate to your academic studies?

My major responsibilities were being in charge of our Google Ads and managing a team of high school co-ops as they completed their advertising campaign tasks. Being assigned this project has taught me how to teach myself new technologies quickly and effectively. It has also taught me how to manage a large team of people who have been assigned individual tasks. These skills are essential for my academics as I plan to go into research and will have to learn how to use different technologies and manage a team of research assistants. My other duties included creating grant proposals and a workshop session for seniors on stress management and mental health. Grants are an essential skill to know in my field since I will need to apply to many for funding for my future research. Creating a stress management and mental health workshop for seniors has also helped me improve my research skills and taught me how to make a comprehensive lesson plan. 

In May you were asked to envision how YRES would contribute to your growth. How has your time here contributed to your personal and professional development? Were there any unexpected challenges or benefits?

Since this is my first co-op, working at YRES has significantly contributed to my personal and professional growth. Professionally, it has taught me a lot about what life is like in the workforce, especially in a business environment. I’ve been able to work on projects and see the outcome of my hard work. I’ve learned how to manage many tasks at once and collaborate with team members. I’ve also learned how to use many different new software and technologies, such as Google Ads and Benchmark, which I know will be useful in the future. Personally, I have learned how to communicate and collaborate with my colleagues more and have even made some good friends. One big challenge I faced was when I was managing a team of high school co-ops for their Google Ads assignment. Accomplishing that taught me how to be patient while still being an effective leader.

Describe 2-3 projects from your co-op that you're particularly proud of, and how they have helped you grow academically and/or professionally?

One project that I’m really proud of is my Google Ads task. When I was first assigned the project, our ads were not doing too well. Over the last month, I’ve been able to increase engagement with our advertisements significantly. Each day, we get an average of about 1,000 clicks on our advertisements for one account and about 100 on another account. Although there is a huge difference between accounts, our smaller account used to only get about 10 clicks per day so this is still a pretty good achievement! There has also been recent data that shows that a few people have been able to find our summer camp program through Google. Since summer camp is a high-priority initiative that we’re promoting right now, I’m proud to see that my hard work has paid off and people are finding our programs through our Google advertisements. Another project that I’m proud of is the launch of our Toastmasters Seniors Club. Although I mostly supported the initiative, I’m proud to see that we recently launched the first in-person session and received lots of positive feedback from the participants! I’m excited to run my own session in a few weeks. 

Please nominate someone who deserves the employee of the month award and explain why briefly. You can nominate more than one person.

Megan absolutely deserves employee of the month! She is one of the most hardworking employees I know. She has so many different tasks in so many different departments. I’m not sure how she manages it all, but she does! She’s also always open to helping others despite being so busy. 

Share photos of fond memories you made while at work.

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