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During these past 2 months, what were your major duties and how did they relate to your academic studies?

In the past two months, I have taken on the role of site leader, which aligns closely with my studies by allowing me to demonstrate leadership and initiative. Additionally, I am responsible for organizing the camp graduation event, a task that enhances my skills in planning and organization. Beyond these responsibilities, I have also taught classes and engaged with the children, which directly relates to my major in psychology and my passion for working with kids. These experiences have been important in providing practical applications of my academic knowledge and helping me develop essential skills for my future career.

In May you were asked to envision how YRES would contribute to your growth. How has your time here contributed to your personal and professional development? Were there any unexpected challenges or benefits?

My time here has contributed to my personal and professional growth. It has given me the opportunity to take charge of my tasks and organize my schedule independently. Being selected as a site leader was a pleasant surprise, but it has been beneficial. It has allowed me to lead a group of volunteers, counselors, and campers at my site, enhancing my leadership skills. Additionally, my professional development has expanded as I have had to create and send emails to prominent people in the community, improving my communication skills. The various roles I’ve undertaken here, including leadership, planning, and community outreach, have provided me with good experiences and skills that will benefit my future career.

Describe 2-3 projects from your co-op that you're particularly proud of, and how they have helped you grow academically and/or professionally?

My first project is organizing the camp graduation, which has helped me develop skills in event planning. This project involves considering all aspects of creating a successful event, accommodating many attendees, and collaborating with other staff members to share ideas. Another significant project is my role as a site leader, where I focus on ensuring our camp site is safe and enjoyable for all the kids, volunteers, and counselors. This involves maintaining a secure environment and making sure everything runs smoothly. Both of these projects have been good in developing my planning, organizational, and leadership skills.

Please nominate someone who deserves the employee of the month award and explain why briefly. You can nominate more than one person.

I believe a great employee is Mayeli, who shows great qualities. She is always on top of her tasks and consistently goes out of her way to help others. Her kindness and genuine passion for her job are evident in everything she does, and she never complains. Her dedication and positive attitude make her a great employee!

Share photos of fond memories you made while at work.

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