What were your initial expectations coming to work at YRES, and how have they evolved after your first month on the job?

My initial expectations coming to work at YRES were centered around managing individual tasks and primarily working online, given my role as a marketing coordinator and my previous experiences in marketing. However, my perspective shifted significantly after my first month on the job. I found myself constantly working in a team setting, which I really enjoy, and appreciating how transparent and communicative we are as a cohort. In addition to managing marketing tasks, I also had the chance to explore various other responsibilities such as writing grants, providing customer service, and leading initiatives. These opportunities allowed me to collaborate with different talented individuals on our team and gain valuable insights into various projects within the organization. This one-month experience has allowed me to expand beyond my usual role and deepened my appreciation for the collaborative environment at YRES.

What were your first interactions with the team and how have you been working to build relationships between you and your fellow team members?

I met Dorothy, Kevin, and Carson earlier in the year, so I already had prior interactions with them. They have always been enthusiastic and supportive, readily available whenever I had inquiries. My first interaction with the team took place on May 4th at Stonebridge, where I started my first day. The cohort and I bonded at the gym, where I vividly remember playing squirt and learning everyone’s names. Since we are all university co-op students, we quickly connected and shared similar experiences. Our team is very transparent and communicative, consistently updating each other on our tasks and ensuring everyone has adequate support. As a team member, I regularly reached out to check on everyone and offered assistance whenever needed. Overall, I really enjoy my interactions with the team and am excited to see what the next few months have in store for us!

How do you envision your term at YRES contributing to your personal and professional growth?

Considering YRES is a fast-changing work environment, managing different tasks over the past month has enhanced my adaptability and time management skills. I have become more comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone, learning about tasks beyond my role, and successfully communicating with customers through phone calls, which I originally feared. The company’s routine of reflecting on daily tasks when clocking off has also helped me plan effectively for my upcoming shifts. Moreover, I foresee my experience contributing to my leadership and communication skills, as I will interact with and lead individuals of various age groups. Therefore, my term at YRES will be invaluable for my development, significantly contributing to my personal and professional growth.

Who do you want to show some appreciation to the most and why?

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Kevin and Carson for their unwavering support since day one, and to Dorothy and Randy for their valuable advice and demonstrations since I joined the customer processing team! Additionally, I am deeply grateful to all my fellow university co-op students for making me feel welcome and cheering me up during long shifts 😀

Choose a meme (or funny picture) that encapsulates your first month/experience at YRES so far!

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