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Welcome to the world of limitless learning possibilities! At York Region Educational Services, we believe in nurturing young minds and fostering a passion for knowledge. Our diverse range of programs ensures that learners of all ages can explore, create, and excel in a supportive and engaging environment.

English Language Clubs

English Reading Club 

Join our English Reading Club, where we cater to diverse age groups with tailored Zoom sessions. Children aged 5-8 delve into storytelling and literacy, fostering a love for reading and early literacy skills. For readers aged 9-12, we encourage meaningful discussions and critical thinking to enhance comprehension and ignite a passion for reading. The club for students aged 13-15 explores various literature, nurturing thoughtful discussions and understanding. The transformative program for ages 16-18 further deepens comprehension and prepares students for advanced studies. All sessions take place on Tuesdays with varying times to accommodate different age groups.

English Writing Club 

Our English Writing Club offers a supportive environment for various age groups, meeting on Thursdays at different times. For children aged 5-8, interactive exercises foster early writing skills and self-expression. Ages 9-12 engage in activities that encourage self-expression, creativity, and a deeper understanding of writing. Students aged 13-15 are motivated to refine their writing skills, experiment with various forms, and receive constructive feedback, while the program for ages 16-18 guides them in exploring different writing forms and styles. Join us in cultivating your writing skills and a love for creative expression.

Toastmasters Public Speaking Clubs

Join our Toastmasters Public Speaking Clubs for ages 8-12 and 13-18 to enhance communication skills, critical thinking, and confidence in a participant-led setting. Participants engage in speeches, evaluations, competitions, and leadership roles, fostering a supportive environment for personal growth and development.

Language Exploration for Adults

University Writing Clinic 

In this advanced program, we focus on developing university-level writing skills, including academic, professional, and creative writing. Enhance your communication skills through written expression, promoting clarity and effective argumentation.

Newcomers & Chinese-English to English (18+ and 55+)

A small group event for ESL adults interested in practicing English speaking skills. Sessions include reading out loud, practicing common English phrases, and group discussions with support from a qualified English instructor.

Introduction to Spanish: Adult and Senior (18+ and 55+)

“Join us for our live Introduction to Spanish! We aim to help adults to learn about conversational Spanish. In each session, the students will have the opportunity to read out loud, practice common Spanish phrases, and apply learned knowledge through group discussions with support from a qualified instructor. 

No basic Spanish knowledge is required.”

French Language Club

French Reading and Speaking Club 

Introducing our French Reading and Speaking Club for two distinct age groups: Ages 4-8 and Ages 9-15. Join our live sessions over Zoom, led by professional language instructors, as we immerse ourselves in the beauty of French language and culture. For the younger participants, aged 4-8, we’ll explore introductory concepts, including the French alphabet, colors, and basic vocabulary, through interactive storybook readings. As for those aged 9-15, we’ll delve into more advanced French literature, aiming to foster meaningful conversations in French. A beginner level of French is required for the older group. Enjoy the world of French reading and speaking from the comfort of your home with us!

French Writing Club

Immerse your child in our French Writing Club, tailored for two age groups: Ages 9-12 and Ages 13-15. Join our virtual program from the comfort of your home, where children aged 9-12 will engage in activities and interactive writing exercises to foster self-expression, creativity, and a deeper grasp of writing, with an emphasis on crafting stories and narratives. For those aged 13-15, our program focuses on enhancing French grammar, vocabulary, and syntax to facilitate clear and effective written expression. Note that a beginner level of French writing is required for the older group. Join us in nurturing writing skills and linguistic creativity!

Language Fundamentals for Children

Designed for children (5-12 years old) interested in language and culture. Learn basic vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversational phrases in a virtual setting.

Spanish Fundamentals

“Spanish Fundamentals is designed for children (5-12 years old) who are interested in Spanish culture. This virtual Spanish course focuses on learning new vocabularies, improving students’ pronunciation, and identifying basic words! 

No basic Spanish knowledge is required.”

Japanese Fundamentals

“Travel to Japan (Fundamentals) is designed for children (5-12 years old) who are interested in Japanese culture. This course gives children the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and learn the most basic Japanese words that can be used in everyday life. Students will also explore famous tourist spots with the instructors through multimedia elements. Children can discover Japanese words that can be put into practice when travelling to Japan. 

No basic Japanese knowledge is required.”

Mandarin Reading and Writing Fundamentals

“Mandarin Reading and Writing fundamentals is designed for children (5-12 years old) who are interested in learning Mandarin. This virtual course focuses on conversational Mandarin. Students will have a chance to learn new vocabulary, improve their pronunciation, and identify basic simplified Chinese words! We will Introduce students to fundamental Chinese characters, focusing on commonly used characters, radicals, and their meanings, as well as their stroke order.

No basic Mandarin knowledge is required.”

Korean Fundamentals

“Korean Fundamentals is designed for children (5-12 years old) who are interested in Korean culture. This virtual Korean will introduce essential vocabulary related to everyday life, such as greetings, numbers, time, directions, and basic conversational phrases, to facilitate practical communication.

No basic Korean knowledge is required.”

Gwong Dung Waa (Cantonese) Fundamentals

“Gwong Dung Waa (Cantonese) Fundamentals is designed for children (5-12 years old) and it is a beginner course focused on conversational Cantonese. Students will have a chance to learn new vocabulary, improve their pronunciation, and identify basic traditional Chinese words! 

No basic Cantonese knowledge is required. “

STEAM Programs: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math

Explore a wide range of STEAM programs tailored for different grade levels. From fundamental math clinics to hands-on engineering experiences, our programs inspire curiosity and passion for science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.



Fundamentals with Scratch (Beginner)

With beginners scratch for age 5-8, we explore the games invented by our previous amazing students and we also learn about the basic building blocks of programming, such as event blocks and sound blocks, then we take on challenges that require the creativity and brainstorming of students

Fun with Scratch (Intermediate)

The Intermediate Course for Scratch is designed to take students beyond the basics of coding and introduce them to more advanced programming concepts, which require students’ critical thinking to create their own games and applications, such as geometry dash, mining, flappy birds, and simple runner games.

Introduction to Python

Thinking about switching careers and taking a step into the programming world? Attend this workshop to learn everything about one of the most commonly used programming languages- Python. By the end of this session, you will have a basic understanding of what programming is like, the use of a coding language, and why coding is crucial to the business and technology development in the 21st Century.


Tips and Fun with Engineering (9-13)

With the engineering world, we will dive into the world of hands-on experiences using knowledge of science and math, while also learning about the history of engineering in a diverse way, including chemical, mechanical, electrical, as well as architecture.

Mechanical Engineering (14-18)

The Mechanical Engineering is an exciting, hands-on educational experience designed to introduce students to the fascinating world of engineering and technology. The program is about more than just learning engineering principles, it’s about igniting a passion for innovation, problem solving and creativity. Through participation in projects, teamwork, and interactive challenges, students will discover that engineering is not only educational but also fun. This course encompasses variety of learning opportunites, including robotics using programming, manipulating electronics, and designing archtectures and mechanics, all of these allow students to dive deeper into the world of engineering in a direct and detail way.


Introduction to Canva Graphic Design

From posters to social media posts and more, Canva can be used to create compelling and artistic images, videos, and designs. In this course, students will be taught the basics of Canva, and shown how to use all the different tools available to them to create their own unique designs. Each session will have a unique theme to create a specific project, such as presentation, poster, and instagram post that can effectively help you in high school, university and work in the future.

Artist Fundamentals

Art class is where students explore various visual art forms, nurture their creativity, and develop skills. From pencil sketches to vibrant watercolors, guided by dedicated instructors, children create two-dimensional art and leave each session with completed drawings. As they progress, they gain a deeper appreciation for art and are inspired by renowned artists like Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo. It’s a space where young talent thrives and imagination knows no bounds.

Music Fundamentals

This class is a gateway to exploring the world of music, developing musical skills, and understanding musical structure and language. Through interactive lessons, practical exercises, and rich musical experiences, students will embark on a journey of discovering the magic of music.


Tips and Fun with Math

Experience our virtual math program tailored for different grade levels. In our G1-G2 Tips and Fun with Math, students can engage comfortably from home, benefiting from classroom-quality math instruction that fosters logic, arithmetic skills, and a strong foundational understanding of math. Likewise, in our G3-G4 Tips and Fun with Math, students continue to enjoy the convenience of virtual learning, coupled with classroom-quality math education, enabling them to develop their logic, arithmetic abilities, and establish a robust math knowledge base. Join us in this educational journey that promotes mathematical proficiency and confidence.

Math Clinic
Embark on a mathematical journey with our virtual math clinics, catering to different grade levels. For Grades 5-8, the G7-8 Math Clinic covers a comprehensive array of math topics, ensuring students’ readiness for high school math while boosting their problem-solving confidence and refining critical thinking skills. Our G9-10 Math Clinic, designed for 9th and 10th graders, delves into advanced mathematics concepts, preparing students for the challenges they may encounter and fostering critical thinking and mathematical exploration. In the G11-12 Math Clinic, tailored for students in their final high school years, we provide in-depth understanding of advanced math concepts, equipping them with the skills needed for success in higher education and beyond, specializing in comprehensive support for college-level mathematics and related fields. Join us on this educational journey to excel in mathematics.

Euclid Math Contest Camp
Our math teachers will be helping Grade 11-12 students prepare for the Euclid math contest hosted by the University of Waterloo. They will be going over and reviewing math concepts that appear in contests, as well as providing tips, tricks and strategies to do well in the contest! Each lesson is one hour and covers a unique lesson each week.

Personal Development and Career Programs

Job Interview Prep: This course provides participants with the guides and necessary resources to successfully navigate the interview process, from research and self-presentation to communicating effectively and handling challenging interview questions.

Resume Critique: The Resume Critique is a specialized program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to improve and create effective and professional resumes. It helps individuals understand the elements of a strong resume, enabling them to highlight their skills, experiences, and qualifications effectively. This, in turn, enhances their job prospects and increases their chances of securing interviews.

Market Yourself with a Personal Website: Mastering Social Media is a comprehensive, hands-on course designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use social media for personal or professional purposes, including but not limited to platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedln, Pinterest.

Google Program for Seniors (55+): The Google Program is a comprehensive and hands-on learning course designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to effectively use a wide range of Google applications for personal and professional purposes, such as understanding email etiquette, with formatting, tone, and language in professional email communication, as well as understanding how Google Drive can store and access files, documents, photos, and other media.
Social Media for Seniors (55+): Mastering Social Media is a comprehensive, hands-on course designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use social media for personal or professional purposes, including but not limited to platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedln, Pinterest.

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