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🤓 Hello, everyone! Today, we’re here to introduce the volunteer opportunities for local applications in Canada – the volunteer program at YRES (York Region Educational Services). Students who want to gain social experience and expand their network shouldn’t miss this opportunity!

YRES is located in the Greater Toronto Area and is a non-profit educational sharing platform. This platform places a strong emphasis on young people, providing numerous volunteer opportunities, including library volunteers, community event volunteers, educational project assistant volunteers, and more. Today, our focus is on the annual award-winning volunteer program.

The annual gratitude event is perfect for students who want to understand volunteer programs, especially those in 11th and 12th grades, as well as university students. The volunteer program we’re introducing today is suitable for students with limited experience or those in their first and second years of university. It allows for a quick understanding of the volunteer process, learning new skills, accessing first-hand information, and expanding networks. This sets the foundation for future scholarship applications, job opportunities, or research applications.

✅ The application process is outlined on the official website:

Choose the program of interest. The website provides a list, and here are a few examples:

  • Richmond Hill Library Volunteer
  • Markham Library Volunteer
  • Aurora Library Volunteer
  • Heintzman House Volunteer
  • Annual Gratitude Award Volunteer

Due to limited space, not all programs are listed here. Students can visit the official website for more options.

  1. Fill out the application form, including personal information and position preferences.
  2. Submit the application form directly on the website.
  3. If selected, there will be subsequent personnel procedures.

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