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During these past 2 months, what were your major duties and how did they relate to your academic studies?

During the past two months, my major duty included managing the YRES free virtual programs. These responsibilities were directly related to my academic studies in mathematics in several meaningful ways. Overseeing the planning, coordination, and execution of the YRES free virtual programs required strong organizational skills, project management, and the ability to coordinate with various stakeholders. These skills are essential in any academic study field, particularly in mathematics, where logical structuring, precise planning, and systematic problem-solving are crucial. Managing these programs also involved analyzing data, monitoring progress, and making data-driven decisions, which are key aspects of mathematical study and research.

In May you were asked to envision how YRES would contribute to your growth. How has your time here contributed to your personal and professional development? Were there any unexpected challenges or benefits?

An unexpected benefit would be the various opportunities to be exposed to tasks from other departments. For instance, I’m a teaching assistant and project coordinator but I was able to step foot in the marketing department and create promotional videos for a major task. Exposure to new experiences like these open up to more opportunities than I have expected. 

On the other hand, since I worked in a hybrid model, I initially found it difficult to keep track of every date and location of the week but later on, I adapted to using a calendar app. Every time I receive a message regarding schedule updates, I would mark it down on my calendar app. Whenever I’m unsure of my schedule, I would now check my calendar app to ensure I’m organized and prepared for any upcoming responsibilities.

Describe 2-3 projects from your co-op that you're particularly proud of, and how they have helped you grow academically and/or professionally?

Managing the YRES virtual programs has significantly contributed to my professional growth in several key ways.

Firstly, I’ve had the chance to enhance my organizational skills while coordinating multiple programs that required meticulous planning, time management, and attention to detail, which have improved my ability to manage complex tasks efficiently. Additionally, I’ve had leadership development, leading the programs involved making strategic decisions, resolving conflicts, and guiding a team, which have strengthened my leadership and decision-making skills. I have also become more technically proficient, utilizing various digital tools and platforms to run virtual programs has expanded my technical skills, making me more adept at using technology in professional environments. There have been instances when I’ve needed to navigate the challenges of virtual program management enhancing my ability to adapt to new situations and solve problems creatively and efficiently.

I have been tasked with teaching a grade 5 Math Elites class. Developing lesson plans, teaching mathematical concepts, and engaging with students to foster their understanding and interest in mathematics. Teaching mathematics at this level reinforced my own understanding of fundamental concepts and required me to think critically about how to explain complex ideas in an accessible way. This deepened my comprehension and ability to communicate mathematical ideas clearly, an important skill in higher-level academic work. Additionally, creating lesson plans and instructional materials honed my ability to organize content logically and sequentially, a skill that is transferable to my own studies and presentations. 

Overall, these experiences have equipped me with a versatile skill set that is valuable in any professional and academic context.

Please nominate someone who deserves the employee of the month award and explain why briefly. You can nominate more than one person.

I nominate Megan for her exceptional competence and dedication. Megan consistently excels in every task she undertakes, regardless of the workload or deadline. She approaches each assignment with diligence and attention to detail, ensuring high-quality outcomes every time. Megan’s ability to manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously without compromising on performance is truly commendable. Her strong work ethic, proactive attitude, and unwavering commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to our team. Megan’s reliability and professionalism set her apart, making her highly deserving of this nomination.

Share photos of fond memories you made while at work.

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