York Region Educational Services is a Community Partner with Tech. Conference Collision Toronto 2024

Collision brings together the innovators redefining the global tech industry, and this year, York Region Educational Services (YRES) was thrilled to partner with them in Toronto. Collision 2024 showcased the transformative potential of technology in education, leaving us particularly impressed by discussions on GenAI. This technology promises to revolutionize educational delivery with personalized learning experiences.

Virtual Reality (VR) was another hot topic, offering the potential for interactive educational programs without additional materials. A key highlight was connecting with like-minded individuals and potential partners who share our passion for education. These connections have sparked exciting ideas for future collaborations, including new coding workshops for youth this fall.

Our experience at Collision 2024 was invaluable. We extend a heartfelt thank you to Collision for this opportunity. See you in Vancouver in 2025!

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