Code Creator Program at YRES

By Vanessa Liao

The Code Creator program is a fantastic collaboration between York Region Educational Services (YRES) and Centre for Immigrant and Community Services (CICS). Over the past 6 weeks, students aged 8 to 13 had a fun time exploring the world of coding using Scratch, a super interesting and user-friendly programming language.

Led by a teacher from YRES, the weekly two-hour classes were designed to be as engaging and interactive as possible. Each child had the chance to explore and create their very own games, animations, and stories using their imagination and knowledge of programming. Scratch made it all possible with its colourful, block-based coding system, which is perfect for young learners.

The success of the Code Creator program wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing partnership between YRES and CICS. Together, we created a space where kids could learn, create, and grow in a supportive and encouraging environment. Thank you to everyone who made the Code Creator program a memorable experience. Stay tuned for more exciting programs from YRES and CICS, and keep on creating!

Happy coding!

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